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ITA Scholarship Information

There are a myriad of opportunities and sources for education-related scholarships. ITA has compiled a selection of such sources below. These sources have been obtained from various resources with the expectation that the information is accurate. We recommend you contact the scholarship source to confirm the information as it, including related dates and deadlines, can change without prior notice.

Federal Scholarship Programs

The Department of Education & Training's Teaching Scholarship - The Department offers financial incentives to final year student teachers and new graduates to take up employment in hard to staff teaching vacancies.

Teachers Loan Forgiveness Information - The Federal Student Aid Web site contains information on loan cancellation for both Stafford and federal Perkins loans. The qualifications for cancellation are outlined for each. A possible qualification for cancellation with both loan types is teaching in a school designated by the U.S. Department of Education as a "low-income school."

Federal Student Aid - If you're a teacher serving in a low-income or subject-matter shortage area, it might be possible for you to cancel or defer your student loans.

The National Board Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for first-time candidates seeking certification. Funding is made possible from donations by National Board Certified Teachers, NBPTS Staff, NBPTS Board Members, and Pi Lambda Theta - Board of Directors national professional honor society of educators. The National Board Scholarship Program also offers a number of foundation scholarships to teachers seeking National Board Certification:

  • Washington Mutual Foundation
    Washington Mutual provides funding for public school teachers seeking certification in most states. Eligible teachers must be first-time candidates who teach in schools where 50% or more of the student population receives free or reduced lunch.
  • State Farm Companies Foundation
    State Farm provides scholarships to eligible first-time candidates who teach in Michigan.
  • State Farm also provides scholarships to first-time candidates teaching in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. Interested candidates in these states can learn more at http://www.nbpts.org/candidates/availscholar.
  • The UPS Foundation
    UPS provides scholarships to teachers nationwide for the 2005-2006 candidate cycle. Eligible teachers must be first-time candidates. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Boeing
    Boeing provides scholarships to eligible teachers in Southern California who teach in one of the following Southern California school districts:
    • Compton Unified School District
    • Anaheim City School District
    • Anaheim Union School District
    • Eastside Union High School District
    • Lancaster Unified School District
    • Simi Valley Unified School District
    • Conejo Valley Unified School District
    • Huntington Beach City School District
    • El Segundo Unified School District
    • Wiseburn Unified School District
    • Torrance Unified School District
    • Long Beach Unified School District
  • Edison International
    Edison International provides scholarships to first-time candidates in Southern California's San Gabriel Valley for eligible teachers teaching in the San Gabriel Valley. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Edward B. Rust, Jr. Scholarship Fund
    The Edward B. Rust, Jr. Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for first-time candidates in Illinois seeking certification.
  • GlaxoSmithKline
    Scholarships from GlaxoSmithKline are available for first-time candidates teaching in the Pittsburgh Public Schools and Philadelphia Public Schools. Scholarships are also available for retake candidates teaching in the Greater Research Triangle area of North Carolina (Chapel Hill/Carrboro City Schools, Chatham County Public Schools, Durham County Public Schools, Franklin County Public Schools, Granville County Public Schools, Harnett County Public Schools, Johnston County Public Schools, Lee County Public Schools, Orange County Public Schools, Person County Public Schools, and Wake County Public Schools). Eligible teachers must be seeking certification in the following fields:
    • Early Childhood/Generalist
    • Middle Childhood/Generalist
    • Early Adolescence/Science
    • Adolescence and Young Adulthood/Science
  • Georgia- Pacific
    Georgia-Pacific provides scholarships for Atlanta Public School teachers seeking certification. Candidates must have successfully completed The Knowledgeable Teacher course, an application for the Atlanta Public School National Board funding, and submit for review and scoring their written assignment for The Knowledgeable Teacher course. Eligible teachers must teach in the Atlanta Public Schools.
  • The Coca-Cola Foundation
    Coca-Cola provides scholarships to first-time candidates nationwide.

Minority Teacher Recruitment
Philips Academy, Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (helping minority students seek advanced degrees for careers in teaching), offers two programs: 1) the Summer Workshop for rising seniors who intend to pursue graduate study immediately; and 2) the Associate Program for college seniors and recent graduates. Applicants must be African American, Latino or Native American.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
CASTL seeks to support the development of a scholarship of teaching and learning that fosters significant, long-lasting learning for all students; enhances the practice and profession of teaching; and brings to faculty members' work as teachers the recognition and reward afforded to other forms of scholarly work.

Funds for Teachers
Fund for Teachers is a unique foundation whose mission is to enrich the lives of schoolteachers and students by providing recognition and opportunities for renewal to outstanding teachers. Making a difference one teacher at a time. Fund for Teachers awards grants directly to teachers to support professional development opportunities of their own design.

Miscellaneous Scholarships

BrainTrack Scholarships
BrainTrack is currently running a scholarship program for teaching students that are pursuing careers as teachers for any grade(s) between kindergarten and 12th grade. Students must be studying in the US.

State Scholarship and/or Loan Forgiveness Programs

Alaska Teacher Education Loan Program - The Teacher Education Loan provides funding to cover education expenses for Alaska high school graduates nominated by rural school districts to pursue a degree in elementary or secondary education. Borrowers may be eligible for up to 100% forgiveness of their debt if they return to Alaska and teach in a rural area.

Arkansas Emergency Secondary Education Loan Program - The ESEL is available to students pursuing secondary education teacher licensure in an accredited Arkansas public or private college or university in the following shortage areas: math, chemistry, physics, biology, physical science, general science, special education, and/or foreign language. Merit-based scholarships are available for $2,500 per academic year, or one-half the total cost of tuition/fees, book/supplies, and room/board. Recipients must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and juniors and seniors must maintain a 3.0 GPA in their major area of study.

California Assumption Program of Loans for Education (APLE) - APLE is a competitive teacher incentive program designed to encourage outstanding students, district interns, and out-of-state teachers to become California teachers. Recipients must agree to teach in a shortage and low-income school. The commission may assume a maximum of $19,000 in outstanding loan balance in exchange for four years of teaching. If participants teach in math, science, or special education they are eligible for an additional $1,000 in loan assumption benefits, and an additional $1,000 if they teach in a school ranking in the lowest 20th percentile on the Academic Performance Index.

Colorado Loan Incentive for Teachers (LIFT) - The LIFT is a pilot program offering up to $2,000 in loan forgiveness per year, for up to four years for teachers who began teaching math, science, special education, or linguistically diverse education on or after June 11, 2001. Recipients must have completed a Colorado Commission on Higher Education approved teacher preparation program at a public or private Colorado college or university. This program is scheduled to continue through 2005-06.

Delaware Christa McAuliffe Incentive Program - This scholarship loan program is available for high-achieving students and is renewable for up to three additional years. The applicant must be a legal resident of Delaware and enrolled in a Delaware college in a program leading to teacher certification. This loan must be repaid through teaching in a Delaware school, preferably in a teacher shortage area.

Delaware Critical Need Scholarships - This program provides financial assistance to full-time employees of a Delaware school district or charter school who teach on an Emergency or Limited Standard Certificate in a critical need area as defined by the Delaware Department of Education.

Delaware Teacher Corps - Residents of Delaware enrolled full time at a public Delaware college in an undergraduate program leading to teacher certification are eligible for a loan not to exceed the cost of tuition for fall and spring semesters. Loan forgiveness is available at a rate of one year of teaching in a Delaware public middle or high school for one year of loan. Priority is given to students who intend to teach math, science and special education.

Florida Student Scholarship and Grant Programs - The Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) State Programs, within the Florida Department of Education, administers a variety of postsecondary educational state-funded grants and scholarships, and provides information to students, parents, and high school and postsecondary professionals.

Georgia Charles McDaniel Teacher Scholarship - This award recognizes Georgia's high school graduates who obtain a teaching degree in honor and memory of Dr. Charles McDaniel, formerly the State Superintendent of Schools for Georgia. Participants must be of college junior or senior level standing and admitted to the department of education of their college.

Georgia HOPE Teacher Scholarship Program - The HOPE Teacher Scholarship Program provides forgivable loans to students seeking advanced education degrees in critical shortage fields of study. Applicants must be legal Georgia residents and admitted for regular admission into a graduate school and an advanced degree teacher education program leading to certification in a critical shortage field. Recipients are required to teach for one academic year for each $2,500 they received, with a maximum of four years to repay. Applications are available in the spring, and scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

University of Hawaii at Manoa Scholarships in the College of Education - This University offers many scholarship programs for its students. Most of the scholarships require that students be enrolled full-time. Scholarships are awarded twice a year to students who are committed to becoming future teachers.

Idaho Education Incentive Loan Forgiveness - The Education Incentive Loan Forgiveness Program encourages graduates of Idaho high schools to pursue teaching or professional nursing careers at an Idaho college or university and then work in the state. Aid packages vary from school to school.

Idaho Robert C. Byrd Scholarship - This scholarship is a federally funded program awarded on the basis of merit. Its availability is contingent upon continued funding. Up to $1,500 per year is awarded, renewable for up to four years.

Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois - The Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois program recruits and prepares bright and talented high school graduates who represent a rich ethnic diversity for successful teaching careers in high need schools throughout Illinois and provides scholarships to students pursuing teaching degrees. In exchange for successful completion of undergraduate college and a commitment to teach for five years in an Illinois school of need, Scholars receive financial assistance for four years to attend one of the 53 public and private universities across the state and take part in the summer programs that include teaching internships and enhanced teacher preparation.

Illinois Future Teacher Corps (IFTC) Program (formerly DeBolt) - Illinois residents who plan to be teachers in the state are eligible for this program. The program gives priority to those pursuing a teacher shortage discipline and/or making a commitment to teach in a hard-to-staff school, and minority students. Applicants must be residents of Illinois and be enrolled in a certification program or teacher education program.

Illinois Special Education Tuition Waiver Program - Illinois teachers or students who are pursuing a career in special education as public, private or parochial teachers are eligible for this award. This program will exempt such individuals from paying tuition and fees at an eligible institution for up to four calendar years.

Minority Teachers of Illinois (MTI) Scholarship Program - Individuals of African American/Black, Hispanic American, Asian American or Native American origin intending to become teachers are eligible to receive up to $5,000 annually to pursue their teacher certification. Recipients must agree to teach at an Illinois public, private, or parochial school with at least 30 percent minority enrollment for each year they receive assistance.

Indiana Minority Teacher/Special Education Scholarship - Indiana minority students seeking teacher certification, who have already been admitted to an eligible institution as a full-time student, are eligible to participate in the Minority Teacher/Special Education Scholarship.

Iowa College Aid - A list of available grants and scholarships for Iowa students.

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority Teacher Scholarship Program - This program is for Kentucky students pursuing teacher certification at participating Kentucky institutions. The scholarship becomes a loan if a recipient does not complete the program or complete teaching service. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and be a Kentucky resident enrolled in a full-time program.

Louisiana Robert C. Byrd Scholarship - This scholarship is a federally funded program awarded on the basis of merit. Its availability is contingent upon continued funding.

Louisiana Tuition Exemption Basic Program - This program is designed to provide educational opportunities for current teachers who are seeking certification or certified teachers seeking advanced degrees. The applicant must agree to attend classes at one of the approved state universities.

Educators for Maine Program: Maine undergraduate and graduate students pursuing careers in education are applicable for loans for their studies. These are renewable loans forgiven by teaching in Maine public elementary and secondary schools upon graduation.

Maryland Distinguished Scholar Awards - The Distinguished Scholar awards honor Maryland high school juniors who are exceptionally gifted academically or in the fine and performing arts and who would like to become teachers.

Maryland Distinguished Scholar Teacher Education Awards - This award targets recipients of Maryland's Distinguished Scholar Award. Applicants must be Maryland residents, degree-seeking undergraduate students, and enrolled in an approved teacher education program. Recipients must agree to work as a full-time classroom teacher in a Maryland public school, one year for each year of the award.

Maryland Sharon Christa McAuliffe Memorial Teacher Education Award - This program is designed to assist students who would like to teach in Maryland in a critical shortage subject. Students must sign a promissory note agreeing to teach in a shortage area one year for each year of award.

Massachusetts Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship - This scholarship provides outstanding high school graduating seniors assistance each year for four years of study at a four-year institution of higher education. Each Massachusetts high school principal may nominate one outstanding senior. Candidates must be Massachusetts residents, full-time students and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship - This scholarship provides outstanding high school graduating seniors assistance each year for four years of study at a four-year institution of higher education. Each Michigan high school principal may nominate one outstanding senior. Candidates must be Michigan residents, full-time students and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Mississippi Graduate Teacher Summer Loan/Scholarship (GTS) - The GTS scholarship is available to current full-time teachers in Mississippi public schools who are seeking a first master's degree in an approved program of study at a Mississippi college or university. Teachers must be full-time classroom teachers for one year immediately following each summer of participation.

Mississippi Resident Tuition Assistance Grant (MTAG) - The Mississippi Resident Tuition Assistance Grant offers financial aid assistance to Mississippi residents attending state approved public and nonprofit two-year and four-year eligible colleges and universities. The primary objective of the MTAG is to provide educational opportunities for students who wish to pursue post secondary education in the state.

Mississippi Critical Needs Teacher Loan/Scholarship - Eligible applicants will agree to employment immediately upon degree completion as a full-time classroom teacher in a public school located in a critical teacher shortage area in the state of Mississippi. Must verify the intention to pursue a first bachelor's degree in teacher education.

Mississippi William Winter Teacher Scholar Loan (WWTS) - Mississippi high school seniors and college undergraduates are eligible for William Winter Teacher Scholar Loans. Loans are discharged by teaching one year in a Mississippi school for each year that a loan was received.

Missouri Minority Teaching Scholarship - To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be a minority, a resident of the state, and must show outstanding achievement on several levels, including class rank, and outstanding performance on standardized tests. College students who have earned at least 30 credits and have maintained "B" averages are also eligible to apply. Students must be enrolled or planning to enroll in an approved teacher education program, and are required to teach in Missouri public schools for a minimum of five years after graduation.

Nebraska Minority Intern Program - This program offers minority students an opportunity to prepare for a career in teaching by serving as interns in the Omaha Public School System while pursing their teaching certificate.

Teachers for New Hampshire Award - This award is supported through the New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corporation (NHHELCO), which assists those who want to become classroom teachers. Individuals enrolled in any accredited teacher preparation program in New Hampshire are eligible to apply on an annual basis. Loans are forgiven provided that the recipient commits to teaching in New Hampshire for three years.

New Mexico Education Scholarships for Continuing Students - This web site contains multiple scholarship opportunities with award values of $500 or more. Participants must be students of New Mexico State University in the College of Education.

Southeastern New Mexico Loan-for-Service Program - The Teacher's Loan-for-Service Program was established by the New Mexico Legislature to increase the numbers of minority and handicapped educators in Southeastern New Mexico. The program requires as a condition of each loan that the student declare an intent to provide service for four (4) years at a public preschool, elementary or secondary school within Lea, Chaves, Otero, Eddy, or Roosevelt Counties in New Mexico. An award of up to $4,000 per year may be granted to a student who is working toward licensure as an educator or provider of related services (Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Audiology, Diagnosis, School Psychology), and who is enrolled or accepted for enrollment at an eligible postsecondary institution with in New Mexico.

Teach New York - This website offers information on a number of scholarships, grants, and forgivable loans.

The New York Teaching Opportunity Scholarship - This program is supported by the City University of New York (CUNY) and the New York City Department of Education. It provides incentive scholarships and special training to highly qualified college graduates pursuing a career in teaching. The program provides a fully paid master's degree to individuals with a major or an equivalent level of coursework in Spanish, mathematics or science, including biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, or related analytical fields (e.g., engineering). In addition, candidates who already hold a teaching certificate and are interested in pursuing a career as a literacy teacher may apply.

The North Carolina Prospective Teacher Scholarship Loan - This program provides a forgivable loan to individuals who meet certain GPA and SAT score qualifications. Students must attend a North Carolina college or university with an approved teacher education program, and be willing to teach in a North Carolina Public School upon graduation.

North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program - This program provides an annual scholarship for four years to 400 outstanding high school seniors in the state. Eligible students must agree to teach for four years following graduation in one of North Carolina's public schools.

North Dakota University Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Program - The intent of this program is to reduce a student's loan for individuals teaching in North Dakota at grade levels and/or in content areas that have a teacher shortage. Recipients are eligible to receive some continued loan forgiveness for each consecutive year they teach in a teacher shortage area, up to a maximum.

Oklahoma Future Teachers Scholarship - This scholarship may be awarded to outstanding Oklahoma students who want to teach in the areas of critical shortage. Currently those areas are: science, music, social studies, mathematics and early childhood education.

Oregon Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program - The Oregon Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program forgives loans up to a certain amount to eligible educators. Teachers must have been employed for five years in a low-income school. Eligible forgivable loans include Federal Stafford (subsidized and unsubsidized) and any portion of the Federal Consolidation Loan; Federal Direct Stafford/ Ford Loans; and defaulted FFELP and FDLP loans.

Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency - Loan forgiveness encourages students to pursue degrees and employment in specific fields. These programs repay part or all of your educational loan debt if you fulfill certain work-related requirements.

Pennsylvania Urban and Rural Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program - Eligible applicants are permanent classroom K-12 school teachers. Applicants must spend the major portion of the school day during the school year teaching in a classroom at an eligible urban or rural school district.

The South Carolina Teaching Fellows Program - This program provides yearly financial support for four years to students studying to become teachers. The scholarship also provides funds for tuition and board and for summer enrichment programs. Other incentives include forgivable loans and lower interest rates on student loans to those agreeing to teach in rural or urban areas upon graduation.

The University of South Dakota One-Room Rural School Teacher Commemorative Scholarship - University of South Dakota elementary education majors are eligible for this award. Applicants must plan to teach at an elementary or middle level school and be interested in preserving the legacy of the one-room rural school.

Tennessee Christa McAuliffe Fellowship Program - This scholarship is for Tennessee students who have demonstrated a commitment to a career in educating the youth of Tennessee. The scholarship is offered to college seniors for one academic year. The amount of the award offered is paid towards the cost required for tuition, fees, equipment, textbooks, supplies and, if applicable, the cost of room and board at the institution, up to a determined maximum amount.

Tennessee Minority Teaching Fellows Program - Minority Tennessee residents are eligible to receive annual funding to pursue teacher certification. Recipients are required to teach at the K-12 level in a Tennessee public school for one year for each year that the award is received.

Tennessee Teaching Scholars Program - College juniors, seniors, and post baccalaureate candidates admitted to a Tennessee teacher education program with at least a 2.75 GPA are eligible. Participants' study is funded or partially funded, contingent upon teaching one year in a Tennessee public school for each year an award is received.

Texas Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership Program - Texas residents enrolled at least part time at a Texas public college or university, or private nonprofit college or university are eligible to receive assistance depending upon need.

Texas Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship - This scholarship provides outstanding scholars with annual awards for their first four years of study at a four-year institution of higher education.

Utah T.H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan Program - Prospective Utah teachers enrolled in any Utah state or private institution's teacher education program are eligible to participate in the TIL Program. TIL will fund full-time tuition and general fees for up to four years, or until certification requirements have been met. Participants fulfill each year of their loan by teaching for a full year in a Utah public school or accredited private school. Application deadlines vary from participating university to university.

Vermont Teacher Diversity Scholarship Program - The Vermont Teacher Diversity Scholarship Program is a loan cancellation program to support students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds who wish to become teachers in the Vermont public school system. Candidates must apply to complete their teaching licensure and agree to teach for a minimum of one year. Scholars may receive loan forgiveness over the course of three years of teaching, subject to a per year minimum amount.

Virginia Teaching Scholarship Loan Program - Provides financial support to students who are preparing to teach in one of Virginia's critical shortage teaching areas. The critical shortage teaching areas are determined annually through the Supply and Demand Survey of Administrative and Instructional Personnel, distributed to every school division in Virginia by the Department of Education. Shortages in specific subject areas are derived from the top 10 academic disciplines identified by the survey as shortage fields.

University of Washington College of Education Scholarships - The University of Washington College of Education has numerous awards and scholarships available for graduate students who are studying education or who are studying to be teachers.

Washington Woodring College of Education Scholarships - Students from Western Washington University's Woodring College of Education are eligible for numerous awards and scholarships available through the university. All scholarships require applicants to be admitted to the Woodring College of Education teacher education programs in elementary, secondary or special education.

Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board - Search for scholarships available in Washington state.

West Virginia Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program - This scholarship offers outstanding West Virginia students annual financial awards for four years. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit for study at an institution of higher education to incoming college students. Applicants must be West Virginia residents and have obtained a graduate certificate from high school.

West Virginia Underwood-Smith Teacher Scholarship Program - Undergraduates who meet a certain cumulative GPA following two years of coursework, and graduates who ranked in the top 10 percent of their university graduating class, who are pursuing teacher certification are eligible for an Underwood-Smith Teacher Scholarship. Financial awards are given to applicants based on qualifications and interest in teaching.

Wisconsin Minority Teacher Loan - Minority undergraduate juniors or seniors enrolled in a teacher licensure program at an independent or University of Wisconsin institution are eligible to receive annual loans. Following graduation, the recipient must teach in a Wisconsin school district with at least a 29 percent minority enrollment or in a school district participating in the interdistrict pupil transfer program. For each year that participants teach, 25 percent of the loan is forgiven.

Wisconsin Teacher Education Loan Program - Wisconsin residents enrolled in the Milwaukee Teacher Education Center teacher education programs are eligible for a Teacher Education Loan. Award amounts vary. Participants must agree to teach in Milwaukee public schools. For each year of instruction, 50 percent of the loan is forgiven.

Wisconsin Teacher of the Visually Impaired Loan - Participants of this award must be enrolled in a program that prepares them to be licensed as teachers of the visually impaired or as orientation and mobility instructors. The student who participates in this program must agree to be a licensed teacher or an orientation or mobility instructor in a Wisconsin school district, the Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, or a cooperative educational service agency. For each of the first two years the student teaches and meets the eligibility criteria, 25 percent of the loan is forgiven. For the third year, 50 percent is forgiven.

Wisconsin Improvement Program Teacher Internship - Wisconsin college students preparing to enter the teaching profession are eligible to participate in this internship program. Eligible students receive a stipend for working in a classroom for one semester. This program is not limited to Wisconsin college students; students from other state institutions of higher learning may also be eligible to participate in this program.

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