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3 Questions You Should Ask During a Teacher Job Interview

By Jess Onley

Lapsing anywhere between a few minutes to several hours, a teacher job interview can be quite a gauntlet. Unlike a majority of careers, the education interview prides itself on not only ambiguity, but difficulty as well. But what about questions to ask the interviewer?

Even though it may seem to be the first response to believe you survived the teacher job interview, simply by answering questions with accuracy and depth. It is also important to not forget about questions you need to ask. Not only will these questions give a great first impression, but they will also give you a better idea of what you are getting yourself into. Here are a few questions you should always ask.

Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer:

  1. Why is the position available? It is important to be upfront as to why this position was made available in the first place. This could foreshadow certain challenges or issues in the classroom, if there is a problem with staffing or with students. On the positive side, the open position can indicate an increase in funding, which tells you the school has the resources you need to make your classroom a success.
  2. What are the most difficult issues at the moment? You always want to be straight forward with your interviewer, when interviewing for a teaching position. This not only helps you prepare for the possible issues you will encounter in the classroom, it also displays a positive first impression. You want to be aware of the current problems, if any and care about resolving them as an educator.
  3. What changes do you foresee in the near future? This question seems rather blunt, but it is something you should know. If the district is successful, you want to know about any additional programs and policy changes are in the works. On the flip side, if the district is experiencing budgetary problems, you need to know if your classroom size is increasing, or if certain programs are being cut.

No matter what question you decide to ask during the teacher job interview, make sure to keep the questions positive and professional. You want to make sure you are seen as someone who is curious about the position, rather than someone who has reservations about it.

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